Emily’s Bellame Business

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Welcome to Emily’s Bellame Beauty Business Online!

I’m Emily Seagren, wife, mom, and entrepreneur. I’m so excited to be working with the amazing family at Bellame. I’ve honestly never loved a line of beauty products more in my life.

A little bit about me…I live in Rockford, Illinois and come from a marketing background. I received my marketing degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago before social media, blogging, and influencing were even a thing. I am a self-taught online marketer and love everything about it.

I started my career in direct sales in 2008. I was a new mommy and wanted to have a flexible career. Within a year of joining my first network marketing company, I decided to open a licensed beauty center. The beauty center was a retail location where I sold the company’s products. It allowed me to become one of the top sellers in the entire nation within my first year.

When I first started in direct sales, I was pretty shy. No way did I want to recruit! But eventually I found my niche and found a way to bring customers and recruits to me…online marketing of course. After I got over the shy bug, I rose to become one of the top online sellers and recruiters in the nation.

After the company was bought out, there were a lot of changes that took place that made me second guess being with the company. So here I am! I have always believed that things are meant to happen for a reason. I grew out of my old direct sales company and couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of Bellame Beauty.


Your skin deserves the best, from head to toe, and pampering yourself at home can breathe new life into your days. At BELLAME, we take pride in the thoroughly researched, science-backed ingredients that deliver real results via ultimate pampering luxury.  


From foundations and primers for every skin tone, formulated to treat your skin while providing the perfect canvas for our highly pigmented color palettes, to our lip products infused with nourishing actives that provide soft lips plus gorgeous color, and everything in between. 


Our beautifully packaged products will not only look stunning on your bathroom counter but these proprietary formulas are packed with clinical-grade, good for you ingredients that deliver real results.