Bellame Eyeliner Pencil

Bellame Eyeliner Pencil

Bellame Eyeliner Pencil boasts incredibly soft and creamy textures for extreme comfort and innovative safe pigments for excellent color.  Available in a rich black (Noir) or beautiful brown (Cafe). A pioneering texture in molding technology, this is the most classic and easy-to-use product. A medium color release, with a semi-rigid touch, perfect for creating striking blends. The excellent hold and gliding properties ensure that the pencil is extremely versatile and fast to use. 

Bellame Eyeliner Pencil Benefit


How to Use Bellame Eyeliner Pencil

Apply liners to lash line on top and/or bottom lashes. These can create defined lines or easily blended out to create a different look.   These pencils can create sharp lines or be easily blended into eye looks or smoked out for more of a dramatic look.

Try using with Bellame High Definition Mascara!

Bellame Eyeliner Pencil Featured Ingredients

Coconut Oil – A natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and moisturizing ingredient which helps keep the skin smooth.

Brazilian Tropical Palm Tree Wax – Powerful antioxidant with skin softening and moisturizing properties

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