Bellame Skincare Accessories

Enhance the effectiveness of your products by using Bellame skincare accessories like our face mask brush and facial quartz roller.

Bellame Skincare Accessories

Bellame Mask BrushTake your mask game to a whole new level! Our BELLAME Mask Brush is made with the ideal amount of synthetic bristles to grasp just the right amount of product, making it easier to apply the mask evenly on the skin. Easy to clean and are gentle on all skin types!

Bellame Facial Quartz Roller – Roll, Refresh, & Revitalize!

  • Boosts circulation for the optimal glow. The use of a roller can stimulate blood flow to the face, providing more nutrients and oxygen to your skin resulting in the appearance of brighter, firmer skin.
  • Helps you say “Bye-Bye Puffy Eyes”. The motion of the roller may decrease the under-eye puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Detoxify and Contour your skin, from within. The same stimulation of lymphatic drainage can be helpful in draining fluid from the face, resulting in temporarily contouring your face.
  • Delivers your skincare right where you need it. Use facial oil, moisturizer, or serum to evenly distribute your formula deeper into the skin.

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Bellame Skincare Accessories

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