Bellame Masks

Bellame Brazilian Pink Clay Mask BUY NOW Bellame Brazilian Pink Clay Mask – 4-in-1 Purify-Soften-Revitalize -Brighten Proprietary Blend of 3 Natural Clays, infused with Baobab Oil and fortified with a multitude of vitamins, precious oils, and antioxidants to deliver results that you can see in just one use!  Its fresh, rosewater scent powered with the mostContinue reading “Bellame Masks”

Bellame Lemon Sugar

Bellame Lemon Sugar Body Polish BUY NOW Bellame Lemon Sugar Body Polish – EXFOLIATE – POLISH – MOISTURIZE This next-level luxe formulation gently exfoliates and removes dead, dry skin. Its proprietary blend of powerful active ingredients polishes and moisturizes to leave your skin silky-smooth with glowing skin, head to toe. Our Lemon Sugar Body Polish pampersContinue reading “Bellame Lemon Sugar”

Bellame Sugar Lip Scrub

Bellame Sugar Lip Scrub – Exfoliate, Moisturize, & Renew! Three big steps, in one little jar. The results, beautifully hydrated lips for the perfect smile. 1st step:  Exfoliate with Lemon Sugar  + Lemon Peel 2nd step:  Moisturize with Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil, and Grapefruit Oil. 3rd step:  Renew with Baobab Oil and Vitamin E. How to UseContinue reading “Bellame Sugar Lip Scrub”

Bellame Baobab Lip Mask

Bellame Baobab Lip Mask – This lush leave on formula glides on with a soft, balm texture that melts into your lips when activated to rejuvenate, nourish, and hydrate, all while you sleep.  Wake to soft, supple lips.  This small, but powerful formulation boasts ingredients especially curated to pamper your lips all night long. GreenContinue reading “Bellame Baobab Lip Mask”

Bellame Spa Day Collection

Bellame Spa Day Collection – Keep calm and get your Spa Day on! Delivered right to your door with all of the self-care essentials, the Bellame Spa Day Collection is the perfect way to say “It’s me time!” This collection includes three gifts valued at $61  Bellame 7 Day Refresh Collagen Masks Bellame Baobab LipContinue reading “Bellame Spa Day Collection”