Bellame Masks

Bellame Brazilian Pink Clay Mask BUY NOW Bellame Brazilian Pink Clay Mask – 4-in-1 Purify-Soften-Revitalize -Brighten Proprietary Blend of 3 Natural Clays, infused with Baobab Oil and fortified with a multitude of vitamins, precious oils, and antioxidants to deliver results that you can see in just one use!  Its fresh, rosewater scent powered with the mostContinue reading “Bellame Masks”

Bellame Spa Day Collection

Bellame Spa Day Collection – Keep calm and get your Spa Day on! Delivered right to your door with all of the self-care essentials, the Bellame Spa Day Collection is the perfect way to say “It’s me time!” This collection includes three gifts valued at $61  Bellame 7 Day Refresh Collagen Masks Bellame Baobab LipContinue reading “Bellame Spa Day Collection”

Bellame Rose Glow Eye Masks

Bellame Rose Glow Eye Masks – All delivered with our proprietary 3-Layer Technology: The top layer is a foil to keep the moisture in during treatment, providing a sauna effect that opens pores and pushes ingredients into the under-eye skin area. The middle layer is an elastic fabric so that the masks can adhere properly andContinue reading “Bellame Rose Glow Eye Masks”